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Tony Rybczynski

In summer, I like sailing lasers on the Ottawa River. Catching the waves from speed boats can give you a real lift; fighting them can be a challenge; and ignoring them can be disastrous. Over three and a half decades in the industry (I recently retired from nortel), I've seen many technology waves - some big, some small, and some over-rated, but always interesting.

Big or small, each wave is accompanied by technology and business challenges and opportunities... unless the technology takes you where you want to go as a business, it has little value.

I love this industry - it's not about making bombs but about helping people communicate. That's why I take every opportunity to evangelize convergence in all its forms, and why I've been writing a column for TMC publications, most recently Internet Telephony, for a decade.

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In light of your Hyperconnected Enterprise focus and our CABA Intelligent and Integrated Buildings effort I would like to learn more about the energy saving claims of Nortel products and the way we can use these to create the carbon neutrall sustainable buildings of the future. I must state that Cisco is a CABA member and is working on sustainable energy issues as well. I think the climate change crisis requires we all work together on improving the energy efficiency of the interconnected world as we have with BIX standard and the building Intelligence Quotient Ranking program.

Please contact me to discuss.

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