EnergyWise Doesn't Make Cisco Switches Any Greener

No argument for me: Green IT is critical important for Profit, People and Planet..

There're three problems with Cisco's EnergyWise.

Firstly, EnergyWise is a security breach waiting to happen. Do you want your network to be powering down your call server, or contact center or security cameras? I think not.

Secondly, the EnergyWise announcement once again, goes against the principle that apps should run on IP networks not be slave to them. Do a search on 'energy management software' and you'll get 34 million hits. Sounds like EnergyWise is really a lock-in strategy which enterprises would be wise to avoid.

Thirdly, painting Cisco routers and switches with EnergyWise paint doesn't make them any more energy efficient. In fact third party tests prove that Nortel switches consistently have lower energy consumption needs than Cisco's.... by a whopping 40%. The Cisco Energy Tax lives on, month after month after month.

Going to the store in a gas guzzler to buy energy efficient light bulbs doesn't make your car any more energy efficient!

But seriously, I agree with Cisco that the only way to make a Cisco network green is to turn it off; where I disagree is that if you want to be EnergyWise don't turn it back on again!

Be energy wise. Make green IT real, as did Office Max, one of the world's largest office product supply companies, who this week announced a major win for Nortel.

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