Is SOA dead ?

 2008 seemed to all be about...

"How to align IT and Business?"
"Is SOA dead?"
My take on all of this is simple. Yawn.

OK, lets get real, the questions are the same questions as they were 30 years ago. So, why haven't we EVER fixed the problem? The technology has always been there and certainly has been here for the last 15 years, to solve this problem. So again, why are we still asking these same questions in 2009?

Can we please just all get real and fix the problems we have today. Go look at your poor users. They are still using mainframe screens, in some cases still using DOS apps, certainly using fat client windows and web apps and I'm sure, using services (SOA or otherwise) alongside their JAVA apps. And yet, watch the user use post-it-notes, copy and paste and the alt-tab key as their primary integration technology.

Now that's a problem we can fix, today. Make your users more productive and stop throwing new technologies at them before you integrate the ones they already have. The applications work right now, its just in 2009 your shareholders will expect you to focus 100% on making your users more efficient. Quite simply, make what you already have, work better... first. The ROI dollars on agile RIGHT-NOW integration technologies is staggering.

SOA is here, always has been and it's part of the tech evolution. Business and IT tend to align more in economic down-turns. We are in one. All can win, quick wins, remain competitive and return ROI to the bottom line.

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