IT Expo West Turns Up the Heat

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A couple of weeks ago, I attended the IT Expo event in Austin, Texas.  After many years of being in Los Angeles, the event organizers decided to move the venue to 102 degree heat.  It’s a dry heat though so it’s OK, right? 

What were the themes of this event?  I would say there were three main themes:

1.   Unified Communications, and especially video as a part of Unified Communications.   Many exhibitors were showing this, (including Dialogic!) and I attended a keynote where Polycom talked about this.

2.   Enterprise Session Border Controllers.  Lots of entrants now, with exhibitors (including Dialogic!) showing this.  The enterprise session border controller market is set to take off given the preponderance of SIP trunks coming into the enterprise premise, and the need to put a border element up (an enterprise SBC)  between the enterprise corporate IP network and the outside IP networks.

3.   Cloud, cloud and more cloud.  Again, a lot of messaging on this front (including  Dialogic!) about moving telephony applications to the cloud.

I would also like to make a special note about Fixed Mobile Convergence.  A few years ago, FMC was a big hype item.  I remember reading a report from 2007 that something like 60% of mobile phones in India were used indoors.  And in the US, it was something like 50%.  The point being. if you are in business, and your people are using mobile phones indoors, then they are burning mobile minutes.  So why not have them continue on the mobile phone, but have the calls done via the PBX ?  Your phone bills would go down, right?

So, if you went to IT Expo a few years ago, you would have been inundated with FMC messaging (not unlike the Cloud messaging this year).  The FMC hype has subsided quite a bit.  Part of that is, like any new technology, the hype doesn’t meet the actual ability to deliver.  So people got a little disinterested.  But FMC has continued and some companies have continued on this quest. 

One such company is Thrupoint.  I went to their booth and saw some pretty impressive FMC demos.  If you are interested in such a solution, it makes sense to check them out.

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