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Rumors are passing through the virtual hallways of cyberspace and tech junkies (it also could just be me) are awaiting the arrival of their Super Bowl, the Consumer Electronic Show. OMGoodness! According to PCWorld, "HDTV and mobile gear may steal CES's 2009 spotlight."
Demonstrations from multidisplay laptops and HDTVs wired for broadband to Blu-ray players that can deliver Web content, the 2009 International Consumer Electronics Show may have more than some consumers can handle.
Bring it.
By the end of this week, one can expect a parade of shiny, tiny, and wireless bundles of joy from CES exhibitors--including a 3G watch-phone from LG Electronics, a wafer-thin Samsung TV that's 6.5 millimeters thick, and an emphasis on emerging fields such as environmentally friendly green technologies and Wi-Tricity, a technology that allows wire-free power charging of small devices.
Wait...a 3G watch-phone! Does it have a touchscreen...IT DOES! :D
The LG-GD910 phone is going to be first in Europe. In the center of the watch face is a 1.4-inch touchscreen display that is used as the keypad when making a call. There are also buttons down the side of the phone's body, plus it's waterproof.
The WCDMA (wideband code division multiple access) phone supports 7.2Mbps (megabits per second) HSDPA (high-speed downlink packet access) data system, so downloads should be fast. It can also make video calls via a small camera above the top right corner of the screen.
Other features include Bluetooth, an MP3 player, a speakerphone and a text-to-speech function.
LG has yet to disclose timing for the launch but we can probably guess for certain that more details will be given during CES.
There is also the Samsung TV that's wicked slim at just 6.5-millimeters and has an LED (light emitting diode) backlight. This, in my opinion, makes TV viewing an explosion of light dancing upon your eyeballs! It's that magical.
Plus, the Samsung TV stand could be, at present, the thinnest LCD TV yet demonstrated. Which is wonderful for space conservation and who doesn't need that? Samsung, get to mass producing, consumers the world over need this TV (but remember the economy ok, don't make it too overpriced just cause it reeks of glory.)

There have also been reports if an even thinner TVs based on a newer screen technology called OLED (organic light emitting diode) are also expected to be on show at CES.
Can't wait to see what unfolds!big grin
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