FOWA: Nokia night

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FOWA: Nokia night


We didn't make it to BarCampMiami, but we did get here in time for the Nokia party at Delores/Lolita Restaurant. Nokia gave a demo of their N and S60 models. You could hardly hear the speaker. The room set-up meant that most people could not see the screen. So most people kept on talking and playing with thier iPhones. Yep. Most folks have iPhones, not Nokias.

As many of you know, I tend to poke at things, but I also offer suggestions. For Nokis, here you go. Everyone that registered should have given you a credit card. At the entrance, they were given a Nokia phone. Play with it all night and during the conference, then either return it or keep it and be billed for it. Folks would have been playing with Nokia's handsets instead of Apples. Also, Nokia could have utilized either the Crowdvine social app for the conference or Twitter to message people all day.

Instead they did Old School. Gather round everyone. here's a demo. I will now drone on for an hour while you people talk over me. Oh, well. It was free drink and apps, but I keep wondering when people are going to wake up to the fun you can generate at conferences. And Fun = Buzz = WOM (word-of-mouth). Isn't that what you are spending the money for?

More later, I have to get to the expo.

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