No Privacy Anymore

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No Privacy Anymore

Amidst the FISA bills in Congress, rumor has it that cellular companies gave open access to the US government for wiretaps, just like the little room at AT&T's San Fran CO. That's swell.

According to this article, the list of folks listening to your VoIP calls, reading your email, tracking your location, tailing your web usage, tapping your cell and landline calls, and other nefarious acts is long. It includes Ma Ball, VZW, law enforcement (LEA), governments around the globe, your boss, and criminals.

This week we also have the FBI's VoIP documents leaked to Wikileaks.

In the face of all this, what happened to PGP? You know, the little encryption program. I can't believe in today's environment there isn't easy to use encryption. (If there is, please point it out).

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