More Communications Apps

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More Communications Apps

BlitzTime takes social networks one step further. One of the downsides to connecting with people on LinkedIn is that you can't easily communicate with them. With BlitzTime you set up a profile, including education, interests, etc., then log in, join an event, or start one of your own - thus able to have a conference call with people you might want to meet.

More Conference calling apps are popping up. Vyew is a cheap knock off of Webex for collaboration and file sharing. A new one is Mikogo is a free online desktop sharing tool with many features for you to host web conferences or online presentations - for up to 10 people.

Another one I found through Twitter was Yakkle which combines IM, Twitter, Voice and Desk Sharing. It seems a little daunting to me, so I have not given it a whirl yet.

Dell released a Video Chat app designed by SightSpeed. It seems funny to me. Video chat is enabled on MSN, AOL and Yahoo IM clients, Skype, SightSpeed, toxbox, Talk Fusion, and many others. Video chat has not picked up much traction. Neither has video email. Even video blogging is a chore compared to podcasting or just plain old blogging (like this!). You have to have a good webcam; a good Internet connection; no network blockage from the ISP; probably fiddle with the whole set-up to get it to work; bad lighting; and, oh, I have to shave and get dressed. No thanks!

Maybe more video apps means it is coming. They built it, right? So people will come. Eventually. Maybe. We'll be talking about it at IT Expo in LA in Sept. as well as at BarCamp Tampa in Oct.

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