What Do They Do?

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What Do They Do?

What do these folks do? I get PR messages from people. My gripe is that the marketing folks forget to actually say anything that people can understand. Instead they are using the press release for 2 things: SEO if it gets published and proof that they did their job. Read this one and tell me what they do:

NY - June 24, 2008 - Datacenter managers and IT professionals across the U.S. are turning to their resellers and solution providers seeking ways to reduce the ever-increasing carbon footprint of their corporate datacenters. To deliver a strong resource for value added resellers (VARs) focused on datacenter offerings, XXX Systems today announced the launch of its U.S. channel partner program. The new program will be led by Kevin, Senior Director of Business Development, who plans to introduce XXX System to resellers capable of driving adoption of the company's Green IT datacenter enclosures - including its passive cabinets, which can be upgraded to active in the field in less than 30 minutes. The XXX Systems U.S. Channel Program enables VARs, design and engineering firms, and construction management consultants, to offer customers of all sizes the same mature, high-performance datacenter power and cooling technology deployed by some of the world's largest financial, retail and media companies.

"XXX Systems has supported datacenter-intensive industries for over a decade. Among financial services companies, we have an installed base of 30,000 units, making our high-density, active-air enclosures the cabinet of choice. With our new channel program, we expect to continue to provide a high level of customer satisfaction for datacenter customers who believe in, and depend on, our technology," said Jerry, XXX Systems president. "We are pleased to welcome Kevin to our management team as he develops our indirect sales organization."

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