40 Hour Work Week

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40 Hour Work Week

I don't know about you but a 4 Hour Work Week seems unlikely, but just a 40 hour one would be grand! Tim Ferriss wrote the book, 4 Hour Work Week, and gave a great 45 minute summary of the book's principles at SXSW 2007 (here). David Seah has an exhaustive review of the principles of the book here. I'm just focused on his outsourcing. I already use two virtual assistants but not very effectively, so I am reviewing how to leverage them better for my business. And LinkedIn has had some interesting Questions about VA's, so it has been bumbling around my mind a lot lately. (Is that the Universe telling me something?) Anyway, this week two folks asked me for info about Virtual Assistants, so I figured I would just blog the info.

I found Ricki from Just2technical.com on AssistU.com a few years ago. Ricki is more specialized today with helping folks with blogs, websites and other tech stuff that escapes the average business owner.

Ricki pointed out Valerie to me as someone to edit my book, write some content and handle some admin tasks. (I travel often and I am involved with too many associations and events, so I need help there).

On LinkedIn, I met Susan Poirier at Ace Concierge, LLC (and here).

Then there are the many sites that you can use to find help:

I have tried Amaz's Turk but didn't like it. I have used eLance with good results for graphic design. I have used CL to find video folks quickly as well as housekeepers and admin folks when I had an office. I hope this helps.

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