Dr. Reed in The House

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Dr. Reed in The House

Dr. David Reed gave testimony to the House Committee on Energy and Commerce last week in a hearing on DPI (deep packet inspection). The House Committee is trying to figure out what to do about DPI, Privacy (HA! What privacy?), NebuAd and Targeted Advertising. Dr. Reed wasn't the only one to testify. To be as "fair and balanced" as Fox "news", Scott Leland got to speak as the mouthpiece of the ILECs. Instead of discussing DPI, he chose to reflect all privacy problems to Google, as any typical telco mouthpiece should. I mean, wiretapping illegally to get favors from the government isn't something a telco mouth talks about. They don't like to discuss what being a Common Carrier means today.

If you want to be a content provider, go be a content provider, but you can't be a Common Carrier too. And the telcos don't want to be. It's time to either separate the network out like they are doing in Europe or its time to return the telcos to pre-1984 regulation.

You can get the testimony and view the webcast here.

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