How Safe is the Cloud?

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How Safe is the Cloud?

Network World has a story about how an online storage site, Linkup, formerly known as MediaMax, shut down this week after 45% of the data was lost. Who's fault is it? Well, the article tries to figure that out.

As we have seen, outages are everywhere - Amazon, Google, etc. Five Nines is difficult especially now. My thoughts are that there are more hackers worldwide with broadband. More compromised machines. Less security precautions. Buggy, bloated software that goes unpatched. Less common sense.

All these free services have a cost to deliver. If they don't have a revenue model that is working (like Google or Amazon), then how can they afford to provide secure services to you for free? As we have seen, even GOOG and AMAZ who not only can afford it, hire top notch talent to manage it have issues that cannot be avoided. Power outages. Broken parts. Redundant failures. As any data center tech can tell you, these things happen.

A CLEC client called today with a DS3 card outage on his class 5 switch - and the redundant switch-over wouldn't work. What can you do?

Plan for the worst. Test. Communicate with your customers in the case of an event.

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bin zufällig auf diese Seite gestoßen und bis sehr überrascht was es hier
alles für interessante Themen gibt. Werde jetzt öfters mal vorbeischauen.

Just wanting to clarify, though I'm 4 months late to the party, that the site that failed is "The LinkUp", not "LinkUp". LinkUp (without the The) is a job search engine that's gaining momentum, not to be confused with the MediaMax replacement which was doomed from the start.

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