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Interesting blogs

apparently, Carl Icahn has a well-read blog. Probably due to his abuse of companies and people wondering where the next train wreck will be (like MOTO and Yahoo). In his latest post, Carl promises not to show up at the Yahoo annual meeting. He thinks he would turn it into a media circus.

On Brad Feld's blog, he points to Alex Muse's blog post about Muse's biggest failuer (LayerOne and $20MM). The dialog in the comments on Muse's post are a good read.

That's one of the things I wish I had: lots of comments. I like dialog. The best blog for this is Tom Peters. Seth Godin has comments shut off.

One thing I like about Feld's blog is his Shelfari. Some folks can get all the widgets to work. I can't. There are a bunch others I follow (over 20) including Rich and Tom and Ike.

Who are you reading?

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