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Just SIP It

That was the slogan that AireSpring was using at the Channel Partner show in Boston - "Just SIP it!" The problem, as I see it is, is that 85-90% of the Agents have any idea what SIP is.

I sat through the VOIP/SIP BootCamp that FreedomVoice sponsored. People just can't wrap their head around VoIP and SIP.

I sat through the Covad presentation on their Integrated Access product, which i sreally SIP Trunks with call paths. However, they just call it a dynamic T1. It is easier for the agents to grasp, I guess.

Some of it is that Sales Folks know it all, so won't admit (in public) that they are ignorant. Self-education on SIP and VOIP is tough, because even some of the education coming from the Industry is vague and erroneous.

Now that Qwest, AT&T, Paetec and Level3 are clamping down on short term TDM traffic (dialer traffic that lasts less than 1 minute), TDM LD minutes of usage will start to shrink. Call Centers will be looking to swap to SIP Trunks to replace those LD T1's. Agents will be hard pressed to figure out what carrier to use and what the implemantation will look like. Unlike a PRI, which has two set standards nation-wide and inter-operates with almost any PRI card in any PBX or similar equipment, SIP Trunk is not a standard but a spec. There isn't universal inter-operability, so more education and research will be needed by the Agents. When carriers are thinking about training, they should do it in stages. Simple stuff in a short webinar to handle the basics for the first chapter. The second chapter should explain what SIP Trunking is, what it is not, and where it fits. Chapter 3 should be about provisioning. RAD-INFO will be doing an agent call on How to SELLECOM: SIP Trunking in September. Sign up it's no charge.

UPDATE: FTC all but bans Robocalls! YEAH! That will work about as well as the Do Not Call list -- meaning mediocre.

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TOTALLY agree with you about sales folks "not getting it" as a rule when it comes to SIP. I attended the same VoIP in Boston at the same show and found it lame...it was not a "Boot Camp", it was an infomercial put on by 4 or 5 companies. The best one was the last one put on by AberdeenGroup, but even it wasn't too much meat. Ah well....I guess there's always next year...

I would like to mildly disagree with your statement, "There isn't universal inter-operability...". i think we can create the inter-op that would be needed in any TDM environment to bring them into the VoIP fold and would be glad to discuss that with you.

Great blog!

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