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LightYear Wireless MLM

If you Google Lightyear Wireless, you will get 400K+ entries. Everyone looking for instant riches via multi-level marketing is looking at Lightyear's new deal to deliver cellular services via Verizon Wireless. Telecom folks don't pay attention.

This is an MVNO deal, which is when a provider buys cellular minutes and resells it under its own brand. PNG tried this. Even Embarq quit being an MVNO. Earthlink and SK Telecom dumped $275 Million into Helio before it was sold to Virgin for $39M in stock.

Two of the biggest brands - ESPN and Disney - both launched MVNO projects and closed them.

I understand that people buy into MLM schemes - Amway, Talk Fusion, YTB - because everyone wants a shortcut, but the money just is not there. Handset fulfillment on top of billing and marketing make it an uphill battle. And how do you pay up to 10% of monthly compensation?


Mainly, I think the money will come from "agents" paying to be an agent. That's right, you have to pay to sell Lightyear Wireless and pay (like $39 per month) to have a website to sell LYW on. (You can see the whole compensation plan on video here - while it lasts). LYW also has to come up with cash to subsidize the handsets for its customers.

If you really want to sell cellular, why not become a VZW agent and get paid $250 per contract? It would be easier. $1 per month per subscriber is not going to make you rich, especially when paying monthly for the opportunity. And especially when most of the MVNO's fail.

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Feedback for LightYear Wireless MLM


I think you will find this is a very viable deal if you look at the whole compensation package. First the company does not keep any of the agent fees except $25.00 of the website charge. But this is more than just a website, it is a complete back office suite loaded with tools, contact manager, training, auto responders and free customer leads. As far as billing, Lightyear is a full service telecom company and has 24/7 customer service and a state of the art data billing system already in place. It has been a wireline provider for all the major carriers for 15 years and is inter-opted with their computers for billing already. As far as becoming a agent for VWZ and getting a $250.00 contact fee, how easy do you think that would be?? Open a store, buy inventory, hire employees etc. With Lightyear, be an independent and receive a residual for years off one sale. Seems like a no brainer to me.

Lightyear Wireless is an incredible opportunity. MLM is a great way to achieve success and make an excellent passive residual income.

There is no such thing as instant riches and anyone who gets involved in any MLM program who believes that should have a reality check.

Lightyear's partnership with Verizon is the first of its kind. It's NOT an MVNO deal. The original MVNO's contracted directly with Verizon Wireless.

The companies that are mentioned above who did go through as an MVNO had stiff requirements they had to meet in order to actually keep their contract not to mention they had restrictions and limitations.

Enter Verizon Partner Solutions which now acts as the middle man for wholesale wireless and mobility solutions. VPS allows companies like Lightyear Wireless to come in and resell Verizon services under their own name. Very similar to an MVNO but without the stiff requirements and quotas that have to be met if you were to contract directly with Verizon Wireless.

You can read more about VPS and how Lightyear Wireless was in fact the first in line to sign up and obtain a contract directly on Verizon's website here:

In the end there are no shortcuts to being rich. It's about marketing and branding yourself. As with any MLM there is always a start up fee that is paid back out to the field.

Lightyear Wireless is very unique in the fact that they actually pay 100% and then some back out to the field to support its representatives.

Lightyear Wireless even pays out up to 10% on your own personal customers and 4% through 8 additional levels of compression in your downline. You can do the math, that's a whopping 32%. They can do this because they own the customers, they do the billing, they do the customer support and everything in between that goes with it.

In other words, if Verizon were to ever pull their contract Lightyear Wireless could very easily move to another carrier (without skipping a beat). This wasn't the case with the original MVNO's because most of them didn't have their own state of the art billing system.

The parent company Lightyear Network Solutions has been in business for more than 15 years and does business with many large corporations including but not limited to:, Outback Steakhouses, Red Robin Restaurants, Capital One, and the list goes on. As you can clearly see these are huge corporations in which Lightyear does the billing and customer support for their business communications services.

With a 15 year track record of proven results and Millions of Dollars per year in customer billings, Lightyear Wireless is sure to be a true success.

Lightyear Wireless proves to be a legitimate opportunity in which anyone who is motivated and a true hard working individual can reach a level of success that no normal person would ever reach.

No MLM is for the average person. Average people make average incomes and live an average life, we've all heard this a million times before.

As with any MLM do your due diligence and your homework before making a decision to join. Too often do I see people making an emotional decision to get involved in an MLM without thinking of the outcome of their actions.

Educate yourself before making a decision to join any MLM. Make an informed decision and get the facts.

"Sure to be a true success..." How can you say such a thing? The old warm market model, pay to join, keep up your qualification model sucks... and we all know it. Better things are in place. Keep looking, they're out there.

Are you going to stay working at verizon forever? Nope. Therefore they are not going to keep paying you, becuase you do not work there. And the key is, "Working At Verizon". Going to work and helping someone else make money while they are in Hawaii or somewhere else, or even just sleeping-in whenever they want. Lightyear is "RESIDUAL". I will always have a cellphone and so will the rest of the country. Why not get paid a little at the same time. A little here and there is better than nothing. I don't need to quit my job and get paid by Lightyear at the same time. I can do either or. That's the beauty.

Let's take the blinders off and stop looking at just the cellphone wireless. There could be more wireless opportunity's in the future. When those come around, Lightyear is where you want to be. They have a solid foundation and all of the knowledge.

Very well written Erika, especially the part about doing your own research on the MLM company and not to act on emotions.

I am Currently a Senior Manager within Lightyear Wireless and I think its the best opportunity by far in the mlm sector. It's fun, and really it pays off big time. Can i ask what your professions are and do you have a cell phone that your paying? Me, i will never have to pay for a cellular phone again or its service. I Think you should signup and become a rep. Personaly i know people are going to be skeptical at first, but if you have the heart to start your own business with lightyear, then you should seriously signup because not only are you getting weekly bonuses, and upfront bonuses, but RESIDUAL INCOME. That means a solid check month after month year after year.

Go check your mailbox, Look, then get back on your computer and signup and try it. Maybe your mailbox will be full with checks ,in a matter of week!

Are you going to stay working at an MLM forever? Therefore they are not going to keep paying yhou because you do not work there. The key is, "Working at Lightyear". You're working there trying to get someone else's money while you really are getting a small percentage of what the first people in make. The real money is selling books and how-to guides to the suckers who join MLMs. Those who work real hard get temporary success in an MLM but the success fades the minute you take that time off to go on vacation. Its a grindstone.

MLMs are the same as the lottery, a tax on people who are bad at math.

WEll, into the fray I go. I've been looking into this. I'm no push over. I've done mlm and I run my own businesses. Here's the rub! The article starts conversation and asks some hard questions which need to be asked. The bottom line in sales is. . . how many sales do I have to do to make money. With traditional I'm making money with each customer I sell. With the mlm I get a small portion but, I retain the customer and all the future purchases he/she makes. They have the convenience of online store that tracks it for me. The customer and I are backed just like the store front rep. If I decide to take two months off or have some medical emergency, in mlm I'm still getting paid. NOT so as a store rep.
Dividends are from a lot of people I get a small amount which with numbers makes me wealthy on everyone's efforts. As a store rep I have to keep selling no matter what or there just ain't no check. I must sell all the accessories and periphrials and if I'm off the other reps eat it up like pirhanas! Walk near a store kiosk and make eye contact with one rep. Look up at the others and they are all ready to pounce. I've had them try and shove their way through each other to talk to me.
As someone earlier said, it's still work with the reward put off a little further down the road but, I like the old saying that, I'll do what you don't and then I will do what you can't! Timing, support, finance, and still its your work ethic and attitude that makes it or breaks it. With the right attitude either scenario will make money. Which one makes you happier and leaves your mental health intact? If you've done both sides, it's a no brainer!

I love skeptics. Take a look at this opportunity very closely. I have been able to supplement my income AND reduce my cell phone bills at the same time. This is not the average MLM.

MLM is simple. VALUE. That's the way I look at it. I use to have US Cellular and my bill was 120 bucks without tax (although I paid way more in overages)and I paid $400 for the handsets and $35 activation fee per line and $400 deposit which I lost because my wife decided to call her friend in Texas maxing our daytime minutes. Anyway my point is I have been paying loads to wireless companies for years. My plan with Lightyear is $79.98 and my cost to be a rep is $49.99/mo. This totals $128.97 for two lines. But now I get a check in the mail. So the decision is easy. People think to be wealthy you have to make big deals but it takes small smart decisions like this to be wealthy. A couple of years from now I may be earning way more money than $128 so that will mean free wireless for life. Now that's a great investment. Now I can play rugby for the Omaha Shamrocks and build my wireless business. Check us out . Check out the sponsor page to learn about Lightyear.

I enjoyed all the comments and views here. They are quite reasonable in most respects. Mobile phones are and will be bigger than computers, I envy the guys that are able to work with lightyear wireless the timing could not be better there is definately big things coming to the wireless sector in the next 5 years.

No mater what everyone need to communicate and in doing so need to pay bill and as long as there are bills the will be ways for folks to make money.


Personally, I think Lightyear Wireless is not such a bad company. With 15 years of being in business that alone should give someone reason to believe they may be worth looking into. Paying a cellphone bill alone can be harsh, but getting paid while using the cellphone is great news to me. Skeptics will never make the big bucks let alone make any money without ever moving forward. Take a chance!

Lightyear Wireless is only going to get better, larger, faster and more profitable for us all! See you at the top!

Look, here's the skinny on Lightyear Wireless: It is a business, plain and simple. Granted, most of the Lightyear Wireless Representatives do not have a "Traditional" Brick and Mortar Storefront that just sells Cellular Phones and service. This is a legitimate business that you can run out of your home - which believe me when I tell you saves a whole lot of money!
Lightyear Wireless changed my life path 180 degrees. I used to be a 9 to 5'er going to work every day making someone else financially stable while I paid the bills. When this recession came into full swing, I, along with millions of other Americans became laid off and unemployed. One day God stepped in and showed me Lightyear Wireless. If He had not done that, on that faithful day back in July of 2009, I do not know where I would be today. Every day I wake up and thank God for the Lightyear Wireless Business Opportunity that he put in front of me, and what it has done for my family.
Running my Lightyear Wireless Business was, and still is, not a very easy task. For those of you that do not like to put in effort, then Lightyear Wireless is NOT for you. You can not just sign up and sit on the couc waiting for your checks to arive. Again, this is a Business and you get out what you put in. However, if you have the drive, desire, and passion to get one step closer to your life goals, Lightyear Wireless can give you that opportunity.

I have personally helped and sponsored over 80 people change their life paths with Lightyear Wireless.

The average Joe is not going to make a dime prepared to shake down your whole family and friends...and then after your warm market...harass all in site !
Be prepared to loose your reputation...over a few bucks.
Time you pay all their fees and bills....its WAY cheaper to go to metro pcs or boost etc.
The comp plan is BS and has you jumping through hoops and qualifications.
The 3 /free plan is not for customers so why bother!

All the above blog posts are form reps blowing smoke and talking it up in order to use you for money...sick!

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