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Obama is probably the candidate with the most tech-savvy staff. Ron Paul was better, but unfortunately for the US, he is not running any more. Instead we again have two choices that make me weep. How did 20+ candidates come down to just these 2?

One who is a tired old candidate that, I think, is out of touch with where we are and what the major issues are.

The other is a cult figure, if by cult you mean people are looking at him like he was an albino alligator. By that, I mean, people are fascinated with his campaign and his persona, but I'm not certain that many buy into his platform.

The platforms... Yeah. The issues that are important like Energy, Economy, and Healthcare. These issues should have been tackled by DC ten years ago. And the folks running have been in Congress ignoring these issues for the last 8 years -- so because they move up the street, we can expect them to solve something? It doesn't work that way. Ask Hilary. Congress passes bills into law. Bills get presented IF they can make it out of the political quagmire we call Committees. And you need Juice for that. Lobbyist and Power and Leverage (you know, Blackmail and Dirt).

Obama picked Biden. (I tell you this in case you live under a rock, and missed MSNBC interrupting an Olympic gold medal match to tell us). Biden's tech record is being examined. Guess what? Pro-RIAA. Pro-FBI (read wiretap).

Now I'm not a file-sharing nut, but do you really want Congress regulating Network Management? Have you seen what the DOT does to highways???? Ever travel I-95 in the summer? Enough said. If the F-Agencies (FTC, FCC) would just enforce current laws, we would be fine. Enough on that too.

Anyway. We head to Colorado to the Democratic Convention - at the same time as the US Open. What were they thinking? And AT&T will bring you there. See here. You will laugh, but they aren't joking. The largest telco as the largest patent troll in the world. Just great. Thankfully its 5. I need a drink. If you are attending IT Expo West, give me a shout. I promise not to talk about this stuff, until after 10 PM.

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