SPIT and Vomit

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SPIT and Vomit

We had the huge DNS security hole a couple of weeks ago. Now we have the BGP security flaw. What next?

Well, according to a presentation by VOIPSA, there are threats out there to target SIP. BTW, VOIPSA is the VoIP Security Alliance.

We have heard about SPIT ("SPam over Internet Telephony") and according to the presentation, "Makes for great headlines, but not yet a significant threat." Then comes Vomit and Asteroid? VOMIT is voice over misconfigured internet telephones. Asteroid is a SIP Denial of Service Tool.

It was an interesting look because I am certain that people are preying on weaknesses, but I don't hear too much from ITSP's about security, prevention or awareness. Do you?

two extra notes: The Voice Over IP Security Alliance can be found hackingvoip.com.

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