Creating Telecom Union

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Creating Telecom Union

A handful of telecom agents got together in Vegas in Feb. at the Channel Partner Expo to discuss the formation of an association by and for agents. Little did we know the trouble we would cause. You see, there are already three agent associations. All of the For-Profit. Ours, the Technology Channel Association, is non-profit, which is the first big differentiator.

I'm not picking on for-profit. I'm just saying that the goals are different. For-profit has to earn money. Our goal at TCA is to support the agent. It will be and for agents in the channel (telecom and beyond). TCA is a 503(c)6, which means we have to devote 35% of our effort at member education. We are working on a Code of Ethics. There is a committee forming to establish a Best Practices guideline. Another committee is working on how to institute a Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval for agents.

These are not things AA, TAG, iAgent or TAA do. (Of if they do, I had no idea and I have been an active agent for 9 years). AA is a buying consortium for the largest master agents. TAA is a portal for carriers to advertise to agents about promotions and such. No idea what TAG or iAgent do. Herein lies the problem. If you are an agent, where do you get help? My new answer: TCA.

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