Dialogic Partner event

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Dialogic Partner event

Dailogic1.jpg  Jeff Dworkin, Enterprise Segment Manager at Dialogic, sat down with me at IT Expo West to talk about Dialogic's re-focus on the channel. There are two groups that Dialogic is reaching out to: the system integrators and the development community.

Dialogic is launching a new Reseller Program in January 2009, which they will build a community around (in the social media sense with blogs). I guess you could say that the partner event on Oct. 20-21, 2008 at The Hotel Coronado near San Diego will be the start of the launch. The company will use the event to explain its strategy going forward including its acquisition of  NMS; its video series;  and how ISV's and application developers can work with Dialogic.

A final note: Dialogic is holding a tele-seminar: Reliable Fax over your VoIP Network on Sept. 30 at 2 PM Eastern.

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