Network Management, DPI, Whatever

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Network Management, DPI, Whatever

Here's the thing that most folks don't understand. The main responsibility, duty, and sanction of Congress and any Federal Agency (like the FTC and FCC) is to protect the Consumer. The end user. Remember it is By and For the People. Not By and For Corporate America.

We have cable crying about bandwidth hogs and the need for network management. This goes against the grain of what you are advertising, not to mention Common Carrier ideals.

What no one at Comcast gets is that IF Congress decides to regulate or define network management, and the FCC is "enforcing" that definition, we are in a world of trouble. Expensive trouble. Expensive for the government, the court system, the cable companies and ultimately the economy and the poor sap consumer that has to pay for all this eventually. The same poor sap who doesn't understand all this or what a cap is or what 5 GB means in reality, etc. etc.

The DPI (deep packet inspection) and targeted advertising ship has a leak that developed when Congress decided to start talking to the Industry. Nothing grounds a executive more than a Congressional subpoena.

I don't understand why the big Duopoly can't just give us the bandwidth we want - like they do in Korea, Japan and Europe. Upgrades cost money, but band-aids cost money as well. Muni broadband and FTTH (fiber to the home) projects (from private companies) are on the rise because the Duopoly won't provide the fat pipe.

Cities today are competing for jobs. Broadband is a utility that companies look for when they are planning a new office, plant or facility.

More and more telecommunications looks like the airline industry. Neither industry understands what the consumer wants. Brand Loyalty is out the window. The incumbents can't spell customer service. And you don't know what the final bill will be because of all the hidden fees. Congress needs to jump on THAT. (Again this affects the economy too).

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