AIS is San Diego Collocation

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AIS is San Diego Collocation

Back in September, American Internet Services announced a CEO change at the Grand Opening of their Tier 4 data center in San Diego. Alessandra Carrasco was promoting from EVP and COO will assume the role of Chief Executive Officer. I interviewed her in October.

ME: What verticals are you chasing?

AC: AIS specializes in any business that requires high availability solutions for their technology platforms. These include companies in vertical markets such as medical, financial and pharmaceutical, among others.

ME: Why choose AIS over Switch and Data?

AC: Switch and Data, while operating as a data center facility, runs on a completely different model than AIS. I'll highlight two of the key differences between our models. Switch and Data offers carrier neutral bandwidth only, which means that they don't personally offer bandwidth - connectivity is left up to the customer. AIS offers two different versions of our own premium blended bandwidth to our customers, along with the option to select their own from one of the 260 carriers we work with.
Secondly, most of Switch and Data's space currently resides in what we call 'carrier hotels.' These are large, usually multi-level facilities where Switch and Data has a presence, but do not control the premises and systems. Because AIS owns and operates its own data center facilities and mechanical systems, AIS is able to specialize in custom configurations such as high power requirements and 24/7, on-site 'remote hands' support. This means that instead of competing head-to-head with us under the Seaport Capitol umbrella, our companies can work side by side.

ME: Where is the growth coming from?

AC: The rapid expansion into new facilities by our company is driven by a few factors, i.e. our abundance of power and multiple bandwidth carriers. Due to our proven track record, up-time and flexibility to provide custom-crafted solutions for our clients, our customer growth and retention rate has increased with each year in business. The organic growth by our customers, coupled with their own customers' growth, has catapulted AIS past our competition in the San Diego market. With the addition of our 80,000 square foot Lightwave Data Center, AIS has established our dominance as a data center provider and, based on consumer demand, is expanding into other regions.

ME: Will AIS' growth be affected by the economic situation on Wall St.?

AC: Colocation is no longer a commodity, but a necessity. Because of this, AIS doesn't rely on temporary fluctuations taking place inside the economic market, negative or positive, to affect overall company growth. Bottom line: our customers, from small to Fortune 5 businesses, require the most reliable and best performing colocation and connectivity business solutions, regardless of market conditions.

AIS announced it has acquired Complex Drive, a well-established San Diego data center provider known for its advanced technology, expertise, and excellent support for the past 10 years.

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Why would you colocate a server in an earthquake prone area? I use Utropicmedia for Server Collocation. They have great rates and their support is top notch. Their main datacenter is near Detroit, away from earthquakes, floods, and hurricanes!

As a former AIS customer that has experienced major downtime multiple times this year through AIS, I have switched to Castle Access, the only other competitor in the San Diego area. These guys are definitely smaller and more homegrown, but that is what I love about them. Customer service still matters, yet they have all the amenities that you would expect from an Enterprise level data center and colocation facility.

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