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Doing Extra Business

Most people that know me know I am a Follower of Seth Godin. No one else that I read regularly makes me re-think how I view business and the world more often as Godin. IN his post, How to make money from the Internet, he writes:
Connect organizations spending money with ways to save money.
During the last recession, plenty of entrepreneurs scored by selling businesses on doing a phone bill audit. They took 30% of the first year's savings and did the work for free. Today, there are countless ways businesses can save money using technology and outsourcing, but few take full advantage. You can train them to do this and keep a share of the savings.

If you are in telecom and do not work with an auditing firm, you might be missing out on some opportunity. Telecom expense management and telecom asset management and cellular tracking (both asset and expense) will be big ways to make revenue while saving folks revenue. (They are also expensive Google key words to buy! :)

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