Obama and NAB

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Obama and NAB

I don't know how this ended up in front of me this morning, but it was an interesting piece about Obama and Radio Localism. Obviously, conservatives don't want localism because it gets in the way of profit. You can't profit if you have to pay a DJ in each market AND report some local news. Sheesh! Why do you think we get these licenses anyway - Profit. The guys at NAB are ready to fight Localism.

Unfortunately for NAB, word is getting out that license renewal is NOT automatic and even one complaint can derail the process and cost you money. (This was news to me). And during the media ownership workshops, despite broadcasters trying to fill seats, too many folks showed up to report about the total lack of local news in their communities. Even though Martin had a pre-determined gift for NAB, the workshops were too powerful to allow the steamroller to work.

NAB needs to realize that the FCC's job is not to insure that some businesses have a profit or even stay in business. The FCC's main duty is to protect the consumer and to mandate the spectrum equitably.  (Congress needs to remember this as well).  If TBO.com companies started going backrupt, I am certain that another entity would take its place.

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