Microcorp Insite is Insightful Now

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Microcorp Insite is Insightful Now

December 8, 2008 - In its annual twelve day count down of hot telecom and data services that their members should watch in the next year, Telecom Association ("TA") choose MicroCorp's telecom inventory management tool "Insite" on the first day.

"In 2009, because of the economy, business owners and managers will focus on getting more out of the telecom and data services they already have", stated TA Founder Dan Baldwin.

MicroCorp's Insite is a contract and carrier agnostic telecom inventory management tool that helps telecom consultants, agents, and their business clients answer the obvious question, "What are the telecom and data services I already have?"

Baldwin added, "Few multi-location small businesses have a professionally built online management tool that helps them track the productivity of the telecom and data services they've subscribed to. Most simply pay the bills as they come in, forgetting what the services were even ordered for. 'Insite' solves this problem by giving an ongoing updated look into all subscribed telecom services that the business customer can view and their telecom agents or consultants can manage from".

Insite is "contract agnostic" in that it does not matter what carrier or contract term the customer currently has. Whatever the telecom or data carrier, the information from the customer's current telecom and data bills go into Insite. Once Insite is set up, both the customer and the consultant, agent or channel partner can see what the customer is paying for on a monthly basis so all involved can more easily manage the services to achieve maximum savings.

Insite is very well suited for multi-location businesses that currently try to track all their locations' telecom and data invoices on manual spreadsheets.

See the links below or visit the following web page to listen to an audio podcast about Insite or view a screen video about how Instie works.


ABOUT MICROCORP - MicroCorp Inc. is a telecommunications convergence company that provides multi-vendor solutions to business customers nationwide. MicroCorp customers receive best-of-breed Telecom and ASP solutions from vendors such as Sprint, Qwest, AT&T, MCI, XO, ACC Business, Internap, Raindance, Level 3, and more. MicroCorp products are distributed nationally via a network of over 1,500 employees, agents, system integrators and VARs.
Founded in 1986, MicroCorp Inc. is a privately held company headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. In 1995 MicroCorp Inc. became a graduate member of The Advanced Technology Development Center, which is located on the campus of The Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta. MicroCorp can be reached at 770-649-1919 or www.MicroCorp.com.

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