Tampa Bay Connections

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Tampa Bay Connections

This has been a busy networking week. Business Buddies holiday party, AMA Tampa Bay Luncheon, and the Tampa Bay CEO Awards dinner last night. The emcee for the event, Brent Britton, is an interesting guy, a lawyer from MIT in Tampa via Silcon Valley. Another person of interest was a finalist for a CEO Award. She worked on Obama's campaign doing online marketing. She writes for Huffington Post. You just never know who you will run into.

The problem I have with it is how so many intriguing people can live in Tampa Bay - and no one knows it!  So a couple of us are on a mission to cross-pollinate the creatives in town with the techie/geeks in the Tampa Bay area. Find all the hidden gems in Tampa Bay. It started with BarCampTampaBay in October and will continue with Lunch 2.0, maybe Jelly, Dev/Design, some other stuff and culminate at BarCampTampaBay in Sept./Oct.

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I have a website name you might be interested in. I own www.MeetTampa.com. Let me know if you're looking to do a Lunch 2.0 style site. My company can do it.

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