Commission Dinging

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Commission Dinging

Should an agent's commission get dinged when the carrier issues a credit over an outage or SLA issue? I have two cases of this happening right now.

In good faith, I sold a circuit that the carrier gave me permission to sell. But on a performance issue - months post-sale - the carriers ding my commission when they have to issue a credit for SLA violations.

Do they do this to their direct people? Unlikely.

Here's the other issue: because these sales were made through a Master Agent, I don't even know how the contract reads between the Master Agency and the Carrier. Nor can I take the carrier to court without taking the Master Agency to court (and destroying that relationship along with the revenue stream).

It was bad enough when I had to act as collections for carriers. If the carrier  wasn't getting paid by the customer, I would get dinged and then pinged to go collect the money. The carriers have a collections process and departments for this. It just seems like more and more is heaped on the indirect agent with less and less money. (Let's not even talk about the risk increasing as reward decreases).

Is anyone else having this issue? Please let me know.

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