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SAAS for Agents

The first SAAS vendor I remember seeing at Channel Partners was nGenX, a subsidiary  of Lightwave Group. nGenX was offering Microsoft Office on-demand as a white label product for agents to sell for commission.

Next up for agents and VARs is GreenAppx.
With branded SaaS marketplaces, telecom agents and VARs can help small to mid-size customers eliminate capital expenditures and licensing agreements. SMBs can access critical business applications such as Microsoft Hosted Exchange Server, BlackBerry Enterprise Server, GoodLink Mobile Email, McAfee Security, WebEx Conferencing, and IBM Data Back Up and Recovery. In addition to hosting and network infrastructure, GreenAppX manages all transactions, application licensing, and software updates.[thomasnet]
Lots of ways to add streams of income to your traditional telecom catalog. More agents should be selling data storage/back-up/email archiving, it's like AFLAC for your business.

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Aflac... is that the company that uses a duck for their commercials?

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