Airband Says Bye-Bye to Channel

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Airband Says Bye-Bye to Channel

This was in my email inbox today:

Airband has decided to move in a direction which doesn't require Channel Managers. In this economy, tough decisions have to be made, in an effort to reduce SG&A expenses I will no longer be employed with Airband. Airband has an awesome product, granted it appears Airband is on the "bleeding edge" of the WiMAX space. They are attempting to get the processes in place to make the bleeding edge comment disappear. I am sure you will be contacted and served possibly by Direct Sales. I trust you will give them assistance in learning how we, Agents, conduct business.

Correction written here. (It was just a re-alignment of the channel).

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Didn't they just start the channel program in August of last year?

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