Can You Guess the Carrier

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Can You Guess the Carrier

Telecom is broken. I can't remember the last time an order went smooth. Well, wait, I can actually, it was a BellSouth Metro E. The REUC order center for BellSouth FCC circuits really knows how to work an order. For 10 years that group in Sunrise FL has been outstanding to work with. (The former DSG and the MEOC had some great people who made my life easy too. Those grooups are gone now).

This week just trying to get quotes has been a struggle, but the topper on the cake has been an Internet T1 install. It was delayed for weeks due to address mismatch -- not the street address, the suite number. (The customer was moving into a bigger office space in the same building). Eventually, I just submitted without a suite number.  On install, client was told that the tech would come back. Waited two days, no tech - then told by provisioning that no tech was coming. We finally get to the turn up and I walk the customer through the install on the phone (twice actually, two different people). We get through turn up.

The managed router did not have NAT or DHCP turned on. One day  just for that. No phone number for router configurations. You have to order changes by email!!! And only from the 2 email addresses on the order form. WTH?

Then we add the IP Phones, but we need to modify two lines of the config. We are waiting again.  This is too convoluted for me. The ROI is negative. The turn up alone was 20 hours of time. 

Can anyone guess what carrier this is?

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