IBM's Open Cloud Manifesto

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IBM's Open Cloud Manifesto

On Twitter this morning, Josh wrote, "Widely discussed leaked doc, Open Cloud Manifesto, originally authored by IBM - - could be historic".

"The buzz around cloud computing has reached a fever pitch. Some believe it is a disruptive trend representing the next stage in the evolution of the internet. Others believe it is hype, as it uses long established computing technologies. As with any new trend in the IT world, organizations must figure out the benefits and risks of cloud computing and the best way to use this technology."

Everyone knows the upside to Cloud Computing, but the document explains the downside. Number 1 being Security. Compliance isn't listed, but I would think that it might be an issue, especially if security, management and governance are an issue.

IBM signs off by stating, "This document is meant to begin the conversation, not define it." More at

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