Two Big Problems in DC

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Two Big Problems in DC

Arnold Schwarzenegger was on ABC's Sunday morning news with George. he had the best analogy I have heard:

As a patient, when the oncology team diagnoses you with cancer, you want a unified solution, not a bunch of doctors arguing over the best treatment for you.

This is what we have now: party politics. No one in DC seems to get that it's one country and we fail or succeed together. Disagree if you must but show us an alternative plan.

The other problem is that most people in DC don't know much about economics or business. So they probably shouldn't be telling anyone how to run their business. (Balance a budget and look past your next fundraiser and I might change my mind).

That being said I have been at 3 shows this year so far. It seems that SMB (under 250 employees) is still doing business. And maybe if the media would stop the gloom and doom, the rest of America could unpucker and start doing business again too.

What Got You Here Won't Get You There

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