Telecom is Broken Part III

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Telecom is Broken Part III

So a client calls me. An agent sent him an unsolicited quote for 10MB of bandwidth over Ethernet for a ridiculously low quote. Since I have a long history with the client, he offered me the chance to match it and take the order.

So I go back to the carrier and ask for a match. I'm told no. "A competitive quote on the competitor's letterhead is required, which must be 10% to 15% less than the discounted price available with this promotion."

There are a couple of things wrong with this:
  1. Why can't I offer the same quote as the other agent -- it's the same carrier?
  2. How did tthe other agent get this price without a competitive quote?
  3. Why do you want me shopping this client around? If I found a better quote, I would sell him that because you made me jump through these ridiculous loops!
This is the type of policy that drives agents crazy. (Where's the common sense?)  It's one reason that resellers are taking business from the carriers.

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