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Start-up Venture Capital

I'm getting ready to run downstairs to the Florida Venture Forum 2009 Early Stage Venture Capital Conference outside Orlando at Omni ChampionsGate. Beautiful golf course.  It will be interesting to see who is here. I am hoping 2 companies made it in.

eCycling which recycles
business electronics, eCycling has a deal with Fedex as their distribution partner. You can drop off unwanted electronics at Fedex locations for recycling. Save the planet!

NullBound is an exciting network security start-up. Put one of NullBound's boxes at the edge of your network and never worry about malware, spyware or virii again. It stops them intelligiently before they can come into your network. No client software needed! (Take that McAfee!)

Well, got to run. The money folks are waiting.

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