Marketing Outrageously

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Marketing Outrageously

In the book Marketing Outrageously by Jon Spoelstra, in Chapter 13, Jon writes about radio and TV advertising. Basically, you need to dominate a show or a channel to gain market share. Spoelstra doesn't talk about market share. He thinks it's about your brand being considered socially acceptable. PR firms want you to do Frequency and Reach. In other words, branding - get your name in front as many people as possible. Spoelstra's strategy is that you should dominate the show that targets your demographic. When you dominate a show, you create the impression that you are socially acceptable and ingrain yourself on the audience (your demographic).

I believe he is right. When you look at TMC portals, one company owns each category. Seth Godin in The Dip talks about being Best in the World. But it's up to you to define that world. That's what the Chris Anderson's Long Tail and Niche Marketing is all about. The way to be Best of Breed is to dominate a Niche that you create. That is what Whole Foods and Starbucks did -- established a Blue Ocean Strategy; that is, these companies stake out a new, uncontested category to dominate.

Most companies do not need millions to be successful. They need thousands. And they can narrow their focus to the best 1000 prospects to get that number. But like Vonage they want to hit everyone. It's expensive and doesn't pay off. Because it's expensive. Do you want to be Toyota or Lexus or Porsche? I want to be Porsche. 

What is your demographic? Don't know? Okay. What target market are you attracting and how can you dominate it in some way? If you are a Telecom Company and you are dominating your space, maybe you should talk to TMC or me about what slice of the market you want to own and we can devise a plan where you work to own that niche. That's the way to go. Be a sharpshooter not a scatter shot.

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