It's an AT&T Monday

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It's an AT&T Monday

This week starts with AT&T being sued and boycotted.

First up is STS Telecom's FCC complaint alleging fraud, discrimination, and unfair competitive practices by AT&T. Apparently, the FTC nor DOJ won't accept any anti-trust complaints against the LEC Giants. We don't want to rewind to 1984 do we?

STS Telecom alleges in the complaint that AT&T failed to comply with Congress's much embattled Telecommunications Act of 1996 in refusing to provide STS fair and reasonable access to various telecommunication services. As a result, AT&T severely restricted STS' access to Florida's profitable residential and small business markets. [press release]

Shouldn't all of COMPTEL be filing these types of lawsuits against the RBOC's?

How about the FCC just enforcing any of the many merger conditions so that consumers (and agents) can have a healthy, competitive telecom environment? Why do you think we need $7.2B in BB Stimulus? Because the LEC's want money to actually deploy broadband across America. (Meanwhile they are throttling economic growth in America). 

In act 2, TechCrunch is reporting that ATT blocked access to 4chan, an imageboard for anime. Apparently, this so angered folks that  "there's pledge up at ThePoint to boycott AT&T and cancel the Internet service with them." Umm, what are you going to do move all those iPhone users to T-Mobile and jail-break them? 

I find it funny that TechCrunch is using the deathstar logo for Ma Bell. When I use it, I get the call from Ma Bell to remove it.

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