Could They Make It Any More Difficult

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Could They Make It Any More Difficult

A client who ordered a 2xT1 MIS in March wants a stand alone Internet T1 at the same location to segment some traffic. Trying to pull a simple contract for this customer is a bear. Why?

DUNS number given to me by the carrier in March. Not found. Please request a DUNS number. HUH?

Nothing can be input without a DUNS. No where to just pull a contract. Why does it have to be so difficult? Why do agents have to spend hours in your systems to sell a sub-$500 standard service? Why do we have to take hours of training on these systems?

My first reaction is because RBOCs don't want agents. They keep cutting commissions and adding more requirements. Making it more difficult to make a living as an agent for them.

It is simply easier at this point to just sell resellers - Acces2Go or NIT or WBS. It's residual based commission. It's roughly the same rate. And it's so much simpler. 

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