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Channel Shift

The Channel is Shifting - and by that I do not mean a paradigm shift. I mean, that some telecom company channel programs are shifting away from a typical Agent focus and aiming squarely at the VAR Channel.

XO has a distribution deal with Tech Data that gives them access to a ide and deep VAR base. Once the VAR's figure out that taking the WAN piece isn't that difficult, the value added reseller will become what the system integrator is to Microsoft Partners:  the glue that small business needs to mesh it all together.

The Systems Integrator doesn't just install software, they right API's or drivers or database hooks to make data flow in an easier fashion through the system. The basic MCP just sells licenses and Exchange seats. See the analogy? Are you just selling seats or are you looking to become the partner to small business owners? The Go-To guy for all things tech.

BTW, it's not just XO. L3  is making this shift as are other companies. As I like to say, once the guy has seen your porn files on your hard drive, you are going to buy anything he has to sell. That's why VAR's make big coin pushing back-up and VoIP -- just apps to add revenue.

We'll see how this shapes up as Everything Channel pushes into the Agent space and the ChannelVision magazine launches an agent show at ITEXPO West next year. Two weeks to the Channel Partners Expo in South Beach. See you there! (Stop by the TCA booth!)

UPDATE:  According to the latest issue of Phone+, 33% of New Edge Network's revenues come from agents leads. The goal is to move that to 50%.  Broadview Networks says that agents drive about 40% of sales and 50% of new sales. With these kinds of numbers, why are these companies not supporting a strong agent channel through support of TCA?

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