Contract Law and Bad Advertising

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Contract Law and Bad Advertising

XO-guy.jpgBeing a telecom agent usually means that you will have commission challenges with your vendors (the carriers). 

I have been on the receiving end of a big dent in my pay a couple of times. (Netting sucks). But it is the nature of the beast.

I would like to point out that time and again when agents bring their commission issues to me (because I am a blogger and a founding member of the TCA, a non-profit association for the betterment of the  agent channel), the dispute is a Contract dispute. Your agent agreement is a contract. If you do not follow the contract, you do not get paid. For instance, if there is a quota which you fail to meet, the carrier has the option to stop paying you. Even some Evergreen contracts have out clauses. 

When Carrier A buys Carrier B and you do not sign a new agreement with Carrier A, do you expect them to keep paying you? You probably do, but that's not how it usually works. 

So while I was at the ITEXPO West I saw the disgruntled XO agent wearing his shirt, and all I keep thinking is: Would any carrier work with this guy at this point? And has he tried to settle it?

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