Hulu Killed the TV

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Hulu Killed the TV

As stated previously, as telcos spend billions to deliver TelcoTV to the masses, the masses decided they don't want it.

The cellular companies want to deliver some kind of TV content exclusively to their uses. This makes no sense because these guys bitch a storm when you actually use your EVDO/High speed Internet card, but streaming video to my handset is fine? Schizophrenic much?

Also, these same companies - ATT and VZW - are building out telco TV networks and 4G networks. Can you say redundant billions?

Why they didn't just stick with the satellite TV partnership instead of their current play is beyond me. On top of all this fiber and VDSL deployment, there are head-ends, set-top boxes, ONT's, and disappointed customers everywhere. Plus they have to fight with cable for access rights to sports networks. Oh, and DirecTV and DISH have sweet DVR software. Others not so much.

But does it matter? No. Because people are moving to the Internet as their home entertainment network. Hulu, NetFlix, DirecTV, Joost, and so much more.

So it becomes a fight to be the best dumb pipe to the home - at an ever increasing customer acquisition cost due to a flat market that requires taking customers from each other. 

Here's the latest Report: TV Networks Should Be Afraid -- Very Afraid -- of Hulu. Even the TV Networks are in trouble. They will need exclusive content to keep viewers, because Content is still King.

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