A Collision is Coming

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A Collision is Coming

Another point Nicholas Carr made was that IT and telecom are colliding. A new landscape is coming. 

My thoughts immediately went to GV. Who will be replaced by Google Voice?
  • Who is the commodity?  
  • Who will add Value to the User Experience?
People will pay for easy and reliable. (Not all of them will, but more than enough will. Remember that Cbeyond only has 50k customers and PAETEC just about 100K). 

Stop selling on price. If you aren't talking TCO or ROI, you are selling telecom, not apps. 

PBX and software companies have had to stop thinking in terms of product and start thinking in terms of Managed Services deployed over the Network. If they are thinking about it as SAAS, should all the Hosted PBX folks be looking at Voice as just another app delivered over the network? Voice is just an app!

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