Microcorp Announces Commission Insurance

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Microcorp Announces Commission Insurance

Atlanta based Telecom Master Agency announced at their Annual One-on-One event that they would be providing Commission Insurance. The details are coming (Brad Miehl said in November), but it looks like Evergreen may get a new look. Is this more Master Agency 2.0 innovation? Looking out for the agent more than ever.


We at MicroCorp want to make sure there is no artificial ceiling in the amount of carrier business you entrust under our care and management. You should have complete confidence that you are going to be paid no matter if you are placing your first order or your one thousandth order with us. The scale of your business with MicroCorp should not matter and it is up to us to remove any risk as your base continues to grow. Even if this risk is highly unlikely to ever even occur.
Therefore starting today, we will be launching our Commission Assurance Program™. MicroCorp will be the first and only Master Agency that gives our channel the legal protection and ownership of their MicroCorp commissions in the unlikely event the company experienced any type of financial distress that puts your income stream at risk. In other words, if MicroCorp went out of business, the Commission Assurance Program™ would kick in and your revenue stream would be protected. Therefore, by having this program in place, we effectively eliminate the need of you having to diversify your revenue outside of MicroCorp simply to mitigate this type of risk.

Effectively, agent commissions are insured against loss. Nice. I have to call my Channel Manager Van Wender now to sign up for this program.

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