Deltacom Terminates Referral Program

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Deltacom Terminates Referral Program

Deltacom has elected to discontinue the Referral Partner Program in its current structure.

This letter serves as formal Notice of Termination of the Referral Partner Agreement for Recurring Commission, as amended, between Deltacom and your company. Per the terms in Section 13 - Termination of the Agreement (copy attached), Deltacom has enclosed final commission payment, if any payment is due, in accordance with the terms of the amended agreement.

I wish to express my appreciation for your support of Deltacom as a valued partner. Deltacom is in the process of finalizing plans for introducing a new referral program in early 2010, and we invite you to sign up for the new program when it is launched so that we can continue to work together and maintain a mutually beneficial relationship. While all the details of this new program are not complete, it will very likely utilize a one-time payment approach. We believe this structure provides benefit to both Deltacom and future referral partners by simplifying the payment methodology and reducing overall program administration requirements.

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Feedback for Deltacom Terminates Referral Program


What happened? Why was the referral program discontinued? Well I will keep posted for more information on the new phase.

Deltacom are a bunch of losers and scammers. They steal money from their loyal agents and partners by cancelling these programs. If you can't grow without stealing money good luck to you! Oh Deltacom customer'd enjoy the multiple rate increases and POOR service. Whenever they need money they simply raise your rates. 4 Rate Increases in 2 and a half years.

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