SayHired at Startup Telephony Camp

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SayHired at Startup Telephony Camp

Screening candidates that send in resumes is a tedious task. I get to do that when my clients are hiring new salespeople. It's a time-consuming task. Really,  resumes don't mean anything because how many aren't embellished?

Anyway, at the 1st Startup Telephony Camp which Larry Lisser ran, we had a chance to hear from 4 start-ups - SayHired, Close Haul Communications, Fonolo, and

So I know of a few companies looking for marketing, sales and channel people. One was inundated with over 300 resumes in 2 days. Ouch! What do you do with that as a time-strapped manager? Well, you can outsource it to SayHired who will help with the screening process.

Hiring is a multi-step process: place the ad, receive resumes, screen resumes, set up interviews, evaluate, interview again, re-evaluate, choose, hire, and on-board. No wonder it can cost a company as much as a year's salary to hire wrong. 

Screening is important in sales. You can automate some of it through SayHired. For example, if your comapny does a lot of tele-sales, the screening through SayHired will help you eliminate candidates that sound horrible on the phone. You can ask tougher - or more specific questions - to screen even further.

I don't know if SayHired will help you design the questions (probably will), but I can see for retail and sales positions will be their niche.


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