XO Channel Exec Changes

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XO Channel Exec Changes

Jim Delis is leaving XO as Channel President. Rumor has it that he is heading to TW Cable. Tom Gorey returns to the Channel Chief position, reporting to Mike Toplisek, VP of Marketing.

In other XO news, "XO also is expanding its fiber network in Southern Texas by 800 miles, providing greater diverse long-haul routes to San Antonio and Houston through Laredo, McAllen, Harlingen, Corpus Christi and Victoria. The increased connectivity will expand domestic and international customer access to XO's Tier-1 IP backbone and 28,000 route-mile U.S. long-haul/metro network (1.2 million total-mile network)." [press release]

UPDATE on 2/2/2010: Brian Law will actually be taking over as XO's Channel Chief.

FTC full disclosure: I am a sub-agent for XO.

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