VoIP Via Affiliate

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VoIP Via Affiliate

RingCentral has been selling their services via the affiliate marketing route for some time. LD.net built a big book of business through affiliate marketing. Now FreedomVoice has launched their affiliate network.

"The program offers affiliates the opportunity to sell three popular FreedomVOICE products: FreedomVOICE Toll Free Number Service (virtual phone system solution), FaxFreedom (an intuitive Internet faxing service), and AdTrakker (a real estate call capture system)."

Commission Junction is one of the portals for affiliate marketing. (Linkshare, Shareasale, Google and many more are affiliate platforms).

Why would a telecom provide use affiliate marketing programs? 

One reason is more feet on the street. RingCentral and Telarus get a lot of search engine results due to the share number of affiliates who write or blog about them.  More feet on the street theoretically leads to more sales. The other benefit is that the more websites that feature your product and marketing message, the better your search engine results will be. Sales and SERPs.

To be effective, the service provider has to provide marketing support in the form of banner ads, text links, landing pages, videos and marketing messaging.

BTW, I like the new logo from FreedomVoice.

full disclosure: FreedomVoice used to be a consulting client of mine.

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