ATC Assists TCA With Code of Ethics

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ATC Assists TCA With Code of Ethics

ATC Instrumental in Collaborative Effort to Formalize Technology Channel Association's Code of Ethics

Association's Agent Committee Finalizes Professional Guidelines for Telecom Agents

Advanced Technology Consulting, Inc. today announced its critical involvement in a national, collaborative effort to formalize the Technology Channel Association's (TCA) Code of Ethics. Harnessing input from agents across the country, ATC outlined formal guidelines for professional conduct in a document ratified by TCA's agent committee earlier this month.

The TCA Code of Ethics centers on the principles of integrity, honesty and transparency. ATC defined 17 guidelines for ensuring high ethical standards to safeguard clients and the telecom industry, addressing crucial areas such as conflicts of interest, good faith representation and public perception.

"Through their leadership and commitment to service excellence in the telecom industry, the ATC team was instrumental in helping us reach this important milestone," said Peter Radizeski, a founding Board Member of the Technology Channel Association. "The new code enhances the credibility of all TCA members, and reinforces the value of working with telecom agents through the indirect sales channel."

In addition to ATC, special mention goes to Mark Adams, Iris Lentjes and Ralph Lewis for their assistance in creating the TCA's Code of Ethics.

"At ATC, 'doing the right thing' has always been our performance standard. We had the opportunity to formally define what that means with this project," said David Goodwin, co-principal, ATC. "Working on the TCA Code of Ethics was a great experience. The mindshare from TCA's esteemed members reaffirms that best service practices are top priorities in the industry." In October of last year, the BBB awarded ATC a "Torch Award" for business ethics and integrity.

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Advanced Technology Consulting, Inc. removes the complexities of selecting, procuring, managing and maximizing efficiency on telecom services by leveraging industry expertise and strategic partnerships with 50+ service providers. Telecom services covered by ATC include: Data, Internet, VoIP , audio/video/web conferencing, cellular/wireless, Metro Ethernet, and dark fiber. For details, visit

About TCA

The Technology Channel Association (TCA) is a newly formed non-profit organization that serves as the industry's first trade association with a mission to promote the growth and success of the indirect sales channel. For more information, visit

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