Changing the Name May Not Work

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Changing the Name May Not Work

"Network Liquidators has changed its name to Vology Data Systems effective March 17, 2010. The new company name better conveys the rapidly growing organization's key mission: delivering complete technology solutions to customers in the U.S. and 80 countries worldwide."

Yeah, nothing says global tech solutions like Vology Data Systems.

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Feedback for Changing the Name May Not Work


With our customer-base already global providing complete technical solutions for businesses, I have no doubt that the name change from Network Liquidators to Vology Data Systems was the right move. We now have a better image to deliver what our company is all about. Providing quality and service over just simply liquidating a product with a low price tag (What the company name itself suggests, but not the values and mission statement of the company.

We shall see Rad! I'm confident :)

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