Finding Your Best Clients

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Finding Your Best Clients

My agent pal, Dave, asked me how I find my clients. My first answer is that I sell only to a very specific vertical -- a Niche. And only to three verticals within that Niche - VoIP, regional CLEC and ISP. 

Look at your client base. Who are your top 5 or 10 clients? Duplicate them! Invite them to lunch or breakfast or dinner to find out why they buy from you. Then use that info to target clones of them! [First and foremost, you need to shore up your top 10 clients. How screwed would you be if they left you?]

Create a list of the top 25 prospects that you would want as clients. Then do research. [Google is your friend. So is LinkedIn.] Who is the CEO? Does he blog or twitter? Does he belong to Rotary or Toastmasters or a Chamber? What's her favorite charity? CRM it! Get out to meet them. Be friendly -- not a stalker. Use your great follow up skills (or call my office for some pointers).

If you can't imagine a list of 25, then pick the top employers in your region. They are likely to be the top telecom customers too!

One final idea: Pick a Vertical and own it! Join the association. Know the Industry better than other members. Become the source and then the Trusted Advisor.

It is absolutely true that you cannot be everything to everybody. And it costs a fortune to market to everybody. (That's Meatball Marketing!) So find out what is the most profitable service that you offer, know it better than anyone else, understand how it benefits your targets, be excited about it - and go sell it!

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