Is Hosted PBX Like BPM?

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Is Hosted PBX Like BPM?

Business Process Management was a big concept about 5 years ago. The concept revolved around integrating business processes into systems for consistent execution of routines. (Heh! I can talk marketing speak!)

Today, we have Hosted PBX coming into small and medium businesses mainly as a cost savings factor, but there are business changes that occur due to the nature of the service.

As companies move to Software-as-a-Service, Cloud services or other hosted offerings, business will change as a result. How?

Access to data will be different in any SAAS or Cloud environment, since the data will reside on a server in a data center accessible from any device with an Internet connection. 

One business practice that will change will be password policy. Another is going to be security. With access from any device, security becomes a bigger concern, especially for regulated data like finance and healthcare. It is a shift to go from paper files to hosted data files.

Now take the Hosted PBX. Unless the office is migrating from Centrex service, Hosted PBX is going to take some getting used to. Most IP Phones are not an excat replica for legacy office handsets. Blinky light syndrome is normal for some employees. That is, they are used to the call park button and other nuances of the legacy system that will be a shift for them on the new fangled system.  (luckily, there are companies like B-Lynk to come in and train the staff on how to use the new phone system).

Another business process change will be the mobility of the work force. Now a laptop or smartphone with a client can act like a desktop phone. Anywhere access will take getting used to. (And again security will need to be a concern).

Software application hooks into the PBX architecture, like CRM or scheduling apps, lead to business process shifts too. The fact that information is available on-demand (in screen pop style) changes the knowledge base - there is a  likelihood of the database being kept current due to its in-your-face insistence.  Does the customer experience change when the customer's history file is on-screen during the phone call?

Call Recording and web conferencing have both had an effect on business process and business decisions. 

A small office being able to utilize an advanced IVR or ACD application certainly allows from some changes.

So when selling Hosted PBX, you are not selling Voice. You are selling IP Communications. Be a Net-Head!

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You are correct when you state that most SMB's initially choose a Hosted VoIP solution because of the cost savings.

Many of these companies initially try to recreate their existing analog PBX's (I guess they want to see if VoIP really does work and to not upset existing employees).

What happens after the system is installed is that a few of the more forward thinkers in the organization begin to ask questions like "can the new system do this or that? and "what does it cost?". When they realize they can easily do many things like, integrate remote locations or home office users into the Hosted VoIP system, the ideas begin to flow and then the company begins to take advantage of the functionality offered by a Hosted VoIP phone system.

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