Our Economic Survival

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Our Economic Survival

The FCC's National Broadband Plan suggests that adding 500 MHz of spectrum to the mix will fix most things. HA!

I thought when Julius became FCC Chair we would have some change. Instead, we get the idea that if we give more spectrum to companies that already have spectrum we will improve the current situation.

Somebody please explain how?

Sprint, Clearwire, T-Mobile, VZW and AT&T have spectrum that they have not turned up yet. Giving them more - and varied - spectrum will not make any marked improvement. 

How many radios do you thing we can add to a cellular handset? Because the spectrum is not contiguous. It's 700, 800, 2.x, and in various other spectral wavelengths. This would require more (and new and improved) radios on every tower; new handsets; and huge amounts of fiber backhaul from every tower.

The one of 2 thing that would improve things in the US: either an FCC with some teeth that would say Go Do This! As Susan Crawford points out that's the way it works everywhere else in the world.  The other way is this concept of Competition. Real competition. However, that's not even a concept that most CLEC's grasp.

Adeeper rant about this over here.

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